1st Iraqi bloggers meeting in Sulimanyah


1st Iraqi bloggers meeting in Sulimanyah

Source : http://www.iraqistreets.com/archives/4538

the first conference for Iraqi bloggers started today the 8th of February in the city of Sulymania with the participation of more than 70 Iraqi bloggers , all the men and women came from all over Iraq ..this conference will be the starting point for a new Iraqi media of civilians journalism ,,the participants used hope as a logo for their future plans to open more doors for Iraqi people to express freedom of speech and active participation in Iraqi civil society

for the next 2 days the work groups will discuss laws and regulation in Iraq that concerns the freedom of speech and information’s crimes , also they will work together into discussing new media applications and technology and how they can use it to share information’s and build each other blogging capacities,the conference in held by help of IMS and HR institutes to develop new media in Iraq

several Arabic and Iraqi bloggers had send a vidos messages that will be shared during the lectures ,and several speakers will discuss media ,freedom of speech and blogging


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