Final statement of the First Conference of the Iraqi bloggers

Final statement of the First Conference of the Iraqi bloggers

Today we are witnessing the movement of the masses in the Arab region has become known as the Arabic Spring, also in many other cities in the world, we witness  the movements of rejection to reality based on the substance not human well-being, and we also witness the leading role played by citizen journalists in these movement. We are a group of Iraqi bloggers, and under the banner of (A Step of Hope), we held the first conference of the Iraqi bloggers in the city of Sulaymaniyah on the 8th-9th of Feb. 2012, organized by the Iraq Network Social Media (I.N.S.M.), and sponsored by the International Media Support (I.M.S.) and Al Rubai’y Group for office supplies, with almost 70 participants bloggers attending the event.

The issues discussed in the conference were the reality of blogging movement in Iraq and its weaknesses and strengths, and the opportunities and revitalization of the movement and development in order to be an important source of digital culture in Iraq, the conference also discussed ways to protect bloggers and keeping their morale and the relationship between bloggers and journalist, that was done through intensive lectures and training workshops.

The conclusion of the conference was to hold elections for the members of board to head I.N.S.M. for the next transition


And this is the Final Statement :

  1. Establishing the first voluntary transition administrative Commission for the I.N.S.M Includes bloggers and digital activists Iraqis inside and outside Iraq.
  2. Attendees agreed to empower communication between Iraqi bloggers to serve the development process of codification in Iraq, to enhance the strength points and minimize weaknesses and to invest the existing opportunities and avoid risks.
  3. The Commission shall take it upon themselves to manage the election for the next I.N.S.M. community on a voluntary basis and prepare for an international conference for bloggers in Iraq before the end of 2012.
  4. Building bridges between the social media and traditional media in Iraq.
  5. Applying all the pressure possible to prevent the pursuit of Information systems and cyber crime law in the Iraqi parliament
  6. Establish a website that provides the means to improve the Iraqi blogging and make it the easy way for communicating between the Iraqi bloggers.
  7. Emphasis on the quality in presentation and not merely the amount of the number of bloggers.
  8. Activating the role of bloggers through programs that are implemented in real life and contribute to the dissemination of cultural awareness in all areas and actively participate in events to introduce the concepts and purpose of blogging to enhance blogging in Iraq.

For more information, please contact us.

Email :

Phone : 00 964 770 88 66 150


Thanks For Mohammed Amir for Translation


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