Step started and a dream come true


Step  started and a dream come true
In each conference or workshop training we receive the invitation to participate where there is a new thing we learn we see the fruits of this new thing after the end of the conference or workshop, this conference was different from other conferences that I was not exaggerated, if all the audience bloggers, ie, that a special conference just like any other categories of conferences complexity of such a conference of lawyers, journalists or teachers and others, thus became the bloggers name distinguishes them from others their own conference and hopes on the horizon intend to achieve them do not even check once the Conference, the nice thing about the conference was bringing together all of Iraq with all Msmyate This was the main idea of Talpata to invite the brothers organizers I joked to the brothers of Kirkuk times lunch Please separated and seated with brothers from other provinces to exchange ideas and information, the fact was my opinion and my view of this productive if I did not know Nasiriyah eliminated a population of two million people that’s what I knew from my brother, Walid patience and other things on the Basra Fayhaa of Professor Abbas Alzerkani and other things for gray, Diwaniya, and improve Alzerkani which you eager to see his story in detail about the injustice and the injustice he is suffering from Means and learned that the city of Kalar its own management. I hope that renewed our meeting with them and that we then force with influence in the Iraqi street united our words against injustice advertisers ourselves a fifth monitors the work of the government and revealing all hidden and the theft of the date of our carriers of these images to the outside walls of Iraq is not red lines stand before us for we bloggers.Good excuse for those who did not mention their names are engraved in my heart I’m waiting for Oimilathm of Hmzzouz Mushtaq I call them my brothers and to understand them Ijmni their homeland Iraq named

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